Vigilant Eats

Savor Vigilant Eats' Superfood Cereal – a daily indulgence crafted from premium ingredients. This creamy oat blend with hemp milk powder offers a versatile and guilt-free delight, free from soy, dairy, additives, preservatives, and sugar. Packed with 7g of protein, it's the healthiest snack for daily fuel.


Since 1975, Tartuflanghe, based in Alba, has been a truffle trendsetter. Originating from Beppe Montanaro's restaurant in 1968, Tartuflanghe cultivates over 20 hectares of truffle grounds, creating award-winning products.


The Carolina Nut

The Carolina Nut Co., in Henderson, N.C., brings over 60 years of expertise to craft gourmet snacks and uniquely flavored peanuts. Their high-quality, award-winning peanuts, reflect a commitment to gourmet excellence.

These aren't your normal nuts!