The Classic Bellini

In 1948 post war liberation and freedom were in everyone’s hearts. In Venice, Italy, Giuseppe Cipriani could be found once again serving in the newly re-opened Harry’s Bar where he was inspired to create a new drink celebrating peace.

Peaches were in abundance throughout Italy from June through to September, and Giuseppe was particularly fond of the luscious white ones. So much so, that he kept wondering whether there was a way to transform this magical fruity aroma into a drink he could offer at Harry’s Bar. Giuseppe concocted a pink fruity drink pureeing those small white peaches that he loved so much. He named his cocktail a Bellini after Giovanni Bellini a famous fifteenth century Venetian painter, also known as Giambellino.

Little did Giuseppe know the impact his creation would have on the world of cocktails! Now offered in bars around the world the Bellini reminds us of peacefreedom with the peachy aroma of fresh scents, hopes and dreams.

Innovating on Giuseppe’s creation, Arrigo Cipriani has designed an alcohol-free Bellini made with Peach puree and sparkling water for a modern twist on the original. If you are looking for a healthy choice, a virgin cocktail, or are serving to a mixed audience of ages this makes an excellent choice.

The non-alcoholic Bellini can also be mixed with sparkling wine for a glamorously authentic classic BELLINI. For a fruit-based cocktail a choice of Gin, Vodka or white Rum make perfect pairingfor every season, the choice is yours! One thing is for sure, the Cipriani Bellini has authenticity, glamour and class in every glass.

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