Micro Steps to Health with Vigilant Eats

Using the micro step approach to health can make the process much more successful, according to Arianna Huffington at Thrive Global.

Micro steps feel much more fluid and less daunting than setting yourself up with two, three or more goals to try and achieve all at once. Looking at food for example, we can give ourselves a micro step goal that we will include a fruit or vegetable with each meal. That isn’t dictating what you need to eat, just that you will focus on getting that extra goodness every time you have a meal. Once you feel comfortable with that, you can extend that goal with another micro step towards better health with each meal suddenly you will find you are fulfilling several micro steps a day without feeling you are having to make huge changes at every stage, which can lead to more successful and sustainable results.

The beauty of micro steps is that they in themselves are not overwhelming. Wall have busy lives in one way or another and taking the time to focus on ourselves often gets pushed to the back of the line. With the micro step approach we can break down our health goals for ourselves & those around us into very small pieces.

At Vigilant Eats we have devised products that provide nutrition & energy in one pot at a time to help you succeed on the path to healthy living why not try incorporating our Vigilant Eats pots into your daily routine as another step towards better health?

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