For the Love of Tonic

Tonic water is most famous for its iconic bubbles and bitter taste. Originally created in the 18th century by the British as a prophylaxis against malaria in the India& Africacoloniesa mixture of water and quinine extract was used which gave the characteristically bitter taste to tonic. Refined over the centuries, British soldiers began mixing tonic with spirits, mainly ginand created the now classic Gin & Tonic cocktail, these days well known worldwide for its simplicity and classic flavor.

For many years gin has been the focuswith many distilleries creating and refining their own versions of the spirit with the spotlight on a great gin making a great Gin Tonic.

Meanwhile, with a vast array of spirits to choose from the Cipriani family in Italy have spent many years focusing on making fantastic tonic water that celebrates the legacy between Harry’s Bar and the mixing tradition. Cipriani has created two distinct flavors to choose from, the Eloise Mediterraneanwith those mediterranean spices everyone dreams aboutand the classicHarry’sIndian Tonic. Both flavors are delightful by themselves or mixed make a wonderfully classic cocktail with your favorite Gin or Vodka.

We say Cheers to a great tonic!

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