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Richness. Aroma. Balance. Truffle.

Since 1975 Tartuflanghe has been celebrating all things truffle. The brand originated in Alba, Langhe where Giuseppe Montanaro opened his restaurant Da Beppe in 1968. Tartuflanghewas launched by Giuseppe & his wife Domenica whose passion for the Alba White Truffle has led them to create outstanding products weaved with truffle amongst tradition and innovation in every facet of the brand. 
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Tartuflanghe are proud to produce award winning products with innovative combinations of truffle aromas to create luscious flavors and foods for you to enjoy at home. Within their research laboratories new food products are created celebrating the world-renowned intensity, richness and complexity of aroma with over 120 aromatic molecules that blend perfectly in balance with each other.
Alba, Langhe, Italy

Alba White Truffle

The hills of the Langhe, named a world heritage site in 2014, make the perfect home for the Alba White Truffle which thrives here. Tartuflanghe is ensuring sustainability of the truffle and its habitat with the utmost commitment to forest management, use of 100% renewable energy and protection of the Alba White Truffle’s environment for generations to come.

Guiseppe Montanaro has garnered a faithful following celebrating his love for the White Truffle from Alba, Langhe.

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