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Service. Simplicity. Pure. Freedom.

Giuseppe Cipriani had a dream to serve authentic, creative, artisanal food and drink with only the best ingredients and since 1931 has been able to do this with the help of four generations of Cipriani’s and a now world-famous brand with locations around the globe.

To serve is first to love

‘Serve others as you yourself would like to be served. At Cipriani we do the simple things perfectly, and we use only the finest, purest ingredients.’ The Cipriani family have successfully created food products which bring the timeless appeal of Cipriani authentic Italian foods and the Cipriani experience into your own home.
Cipriani Bellini Cocktail

Focused on luxury in Simplicity

Giuseppe Cipriani has cultivated a brand with quiet elegance. From Harry’s Bar in Venice, Giuseppe Cipriani began his journey with mixology creating the Original Bellini and the famous Harry’s Tonic. The Cipriani family continues this tradition with their selection of mixology drinks for your enjoyment.

Gourmet Tank is delighted to be able to offer Cipriani products especially for you.

The Cipriani family have lovingly created Cipriani foods which offers the highest quality artisanal food products for our clients and customers to share the Cipriani experience at home.

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