Snacking made Good

While some personal trainers recommend working out in a fasted state, others recommend eating within 30 minutes of getting up in the morning to help stimulate the digestive system. Fasting several days a week (where the same amount of food is eaten as usual but it is eaten within a smaller time frame during the day), high protein diets, Keto & the 5:2 diet are just a few dietary lifestyles that are currently trending and promoting different health benefits.

With all the conflicting and different information out there one thing for sure is that nutrition is important & eating a mix of macro nutrients helps to keep your body healthy (protein, fats and carbohydrates.)

For endurance athletes the NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine) advises a high carbohydrate meal 2 to 4 hours before exercising for more than an hour. This is especially helpful for morning workouts as it will allow time for gastric emptying before exercise but will also help keep glycogen stores topped up as they are needed to enhance exercise performance.

The NASM also advises work-outs lasting over 60 minutes should include a snack of protein and carbohydrates within 90 minutes of the workout ending to help restore your body with healthy energy and nutrients. Consuming both protein and carbohydrates helps restore glycogen levels which are used by muscles during exercise. Protein sources are great fuel because they provide the amino acids your body needs for muscle recovery and muscle building.

We have devised our superfood cereals to help with your nutritional needs. With a great mix of protein & carbohydrates and healthy fats they are just the ticket for taking with you for whenever you feel you need a nutritional boost.

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